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Our Home

We purchased our old home (above) in 1999. 
 It was so UGLY, that we got it for a steal.  Although it was a new home the builder had problems selling it since it had very little curb appeal. Keith and Ed agreed to purchase the home if the builder would make certain cosmetic changes that Keith wanted.  We had him change the front door, change out the windows, add a porch, add 2  flower boxes under the tiny windows upstairs, and some shutters, change the tile in the downstairs batheroom, and last but not least, the most important change was to have the exterior repainted since it was originally painted the horrible color of
After the changes were made, the builder  stepped back and looked at the house. He told Keith, you know,  I could have charged $30,000 more for this house than I did, and Keith
smiled and said,
 "You know,  I believe you could have :) "
3 Years later we sold the home for $60,000 more than we paid for it,  The "Queer Eye" does come in handy at times !
After 3 years downtown, Keith and Ed decided to move to Stockbridge, a suburb on the southern side of Atlanta, only about 15 miles from the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport -  which is convenient for Ed's commute.  Our current house is much bigger and we are able to have lots of friends stay with us when they are in town.. A picture of our current is above. Photos of the Great Room are below. Keith was able to help design both the inside and the outside of the house which he really enjoyed. God also brought special real estate agents and now friends into our lives through this house......
 Ali, Virginia and Sherry we love you guys!.

Keith tends to like bold colors on walls. He had to convince Ed that "Eggplant" would work.  Ed kept saying....Purple Walls???  Once they were painted Ed actually liked them.    Keith does admit that when he saw the primer on the wall he secretly prayed, .. "oh Lord please don't let this look like Barney"

The "Great Room" where we love to gather with friends and sing.  We both enjoy singing and both play the piano. Friends  often bring their instruments over to join us and we have a wonderful time.  We had a slumber party one weekend, with about 10 of our friends staying over. We woke up Sunday morning with John playing "How Great Thou Art" on the piano, now that beats ANY alarm clock 

Fireplace during Christmas


                   Keith and Ed, Christmas 2004

Christmas Tree from the "Cat Walk" up stairs

Great Room


Kitchen from The Great Room


Cat Walk from the Master Bedroom

THE CAT WALK...............
Perhaps something leftover from Ed's Theater days, he always wanted a house that had a cat walk.

Ed's Natutical Room

Ed loves anything to do with Ships or Planes.  This is his nautical room above. He spends much of his time reading, and praying in his nautcial study.

Dining Room at Christmas

Keith's Office
Keith's Office

Since Keith works out of the home he spends much of the time in his Home Office above...Maybe TOO MUCH of his time there?

Master BedRoom

Master Bathroom


Our Garden

Here is a link to our Garden when we lived in Downtown Atlanta