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Ed's Page

Ed was born in Ohio but moved to Phoenix as a child so he calls Phoenix home.
He graduated from ASU in Tempe AZ.  During his career with Northwest Airlines he lived in Newerk NJ, and Los Angeles CA.

Just call him Donnie Osmond
Ed's Highschool Pic

Ed's favorite color is Red
He loves anything dealing with the subjects of Aviation and Automobiles
He currently drives a Cobalt Blue Toyota RAV 4
If you see Ed driving around Atlanta, honk your horn and give him a little wave.



Ed getting his Flight Attendant wings pinned on him at his graduation.
Ed is a huge fan of Princess Diana's. 


Diana Princess of Wales
July 01, 1961 - August 31, 1997.
Ed was a huge fan of Princess Diana.  He really loved and respected her. He always says if they could have met he knew that they would have become friends. When he met Keith one of the first questions he asked was, "What did you think about Princess Diana? His response was , she was one of my favorite persons. That was the right answer :)


See Pics of Ed's family - Click the link below!