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Keith's Family Photo Album
Here are some pics of Keith's parents in New Orleans. As you know New Orleans was pretty much destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  The house pictured in these photos had about 10 feet of water in it, and is pretty much destroyed..

Keiths Mom

Keith's mom with Molly

Keith's mom is origianlly from Mississippi. She was one of seven children. She and Keith's Dad have been married for 50 years. Yep both of my parents are over 70, they sure don't look it do they?  I hope it is in the genes ;)

Keith's  parents were in the process of building another house in a suburb north of New Orleans called Covington La. Praise God they moved much of their furniture over there before Katrina. The photos below are of the old house that was destroyed, the new house will be updated very soon...stay tuned.


Keith's Mom Above

Keith is very close to his parents. His lovely mother lives in New Orleans with his father. Keith has an older brother . When Keith moved to Cincinatti Ohio, his mother said she would watch Keith's dog Molly until he got settled. Molly has been with them for over 5 years now :)


Keith's dad sitting on the sofa after a hard days work.

Keith's mom likes bright colors, it is evident in her home decor..



Keith's mom and dad built this house when Keith went off to college.

Hurricane Katrina Hits Chalmette LA

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